Goran Vrcel is the name. I’m a photographer and a graphic designer who strives to find ways of combining aesthetics and function in order to make sense in the world of design and photography. Since 2006 my focus in the world of photography has been on portrait and event photography, particularly the project I call What Remains: The People of Blata. 


I received a bachelor’s degree in visual communications from the International Academy of Design & Technology, located in the windy city of Chicago.

Inspiration & Why it Matters

Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities, and that is why it matters. Alexy Brodovitch said that what is good today may be a cliche tomorrow. Therefore, It’s important to awaken to new possibilities. Besides Brodovitch, my source of inspiration streams from Jordi Fornas, a wonderful graphic designer from Barcelona, Jonathan Barnbrook, a British typographer. Ragner Axelsson, Brassai, Bresson, are some of my favorite photographers.

What We All Want Is…

To understand the passion and fears of others, in order to help them find solutions. That’s the only way we can create equilibrium. Give it a shot if that’s not what you want… Now I leave you with a lovely koan. What will you make out of it?

Flickering campfire—I kneel by the mountain spring For a drink of stars. ~Charles B. Dickson